House Rental Information

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The following is required from applicants:

~ A completed application

~ A nonrefundable fee of $40

~  Two forms of I.D.

(Driver's license, birth certificate, social security card, passport)

~ Two most recent pay stubs

Applications can be completed online, sent by mail, or faxed.

Online Process

~ Submit rental application

~ Submit application fee online

~ Send documents to

(Email copies of two forms of I.D. and two most recent paystubs, and add your name and birthdate to email subject line)

Mailing Process

~ Request rental application

Send all documents to P.O. Box 751143, Las Vegas, NV 89136

(Include application, money order or cashier's check, copies of two forms of I.D., and two most recent pay stubs)

Fax Information

~ Request rental application and fax information

~Send application and documents via fax and pay online or pay by mail